Hot and Spicy Lover

Similar to our Big 3 Combo Pack: Treat yourself or someone you love the entire line of NouBess Gourmet Hot and Spicy Condiments. The high-quality herbs, spices, and blends of chiles will bring an explosion of exotic flavors to your dishes. This set makes a perfect hostess, birthday present, and housewarming gifts.

This set contains:

  • Hot and Spicy Original with Herbs Blend: a balance of fresh chopped chilis, fresh parsley,  fresh garlic and the smokey taste of cumin makes this a much more versatile condiment than the usual vinegar based chili sauces out there.
  • Hot and Spicy Mango with Herbs: makes a fantastic condiment to spoon over burgers, fried fish, tacos, and grilled shrimp. It adds a nice kick to meat, poultry, steamed vegetables, stews, scrambled eggs, and is a great secret ingredient to add to sauces and bean purees.
  • Hot and Spicy Pineapple with Herbs: makes the perfect seasoning for seafood, grilled and roasted meat, and is a terrific accompaniment for finger foods, pork, burgers and fried food delicacies.

Jar size: 9.8 oz each

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