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Food & Sweets Holiday Gift Guide 2018 – Delicious Items Everyone Should Try!
 By SplashMagazines. "Noubess’ online store sells specialty condiments and spices while also providing monthly recipe ideas for the customer to create meals with their products."
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 HOUSTON — Christmas is just around the corner, which means it is time to find the perfect gift for her! Maggie Flecknoe has you covered with her must-have holiday presents from jewelry, purses and much more.
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 "Spice up kitchen life with these healthy Caribbean flavored condiments and spices. Plant based, all-natural and low-sodium option with no added sugar will tempt your favorite foodie."
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Rochester Magazine 2018 Gift Guide
Rochester Magazine - Want to shop local this year? Take a look at Rochester Magazine's annual holiday gift guide! Treat yourself or someone you love to the entire line of Noubess Gourmet Hot and Spicy Condiments. The high-quality herbs, spices, and blends of chiles will bring an explosion of exotic flavors to your dishes. (p. 78)