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How do I earn Reward points?

It's easy - you start earning points as soon as you sign up. Every time you place an order with your credit card, Reward points will be credited to your membership account. For every dollar spent, you earn 1 point in Reward points for use on future purchases.

Additional ways to earn Reward points:

  • Follow us on social media and earn points
  • Share our online store on Twitter or Facebook and earn points.
  • Refer a friend and receive 100 points.

How can I use my Reward points?

Your Reward points can be redeemed during checkout on all purchases.

Is there a limit to the number of Reward points I can earn?

There's no limit to the number of Reward points you can earn, but there are limitations on how you can earn them. Please see below:

  • Additional purchases: no limit
  • Product review(s):
  • A review must be on a product you've purchased and received
  • Limit of 1 review per product
  • Maximum of 3 reviews per month 

Do Reward points expire?

Yes, Reward points do expire, but you have a full 365 days to use them. We'll send you reminder emails to let you know when your Reward points are set to expire.

How can I view My Noubess Rewards balance?

To view your balance, log in to your account and go to the My Noubess Rewards page.

When are my Reward points available to me?

Earned Reward points from purchases become available as soon as your items ship. Reward points for reviews are available within 3-5 days.

What if I return or cancel my purchase?

If a purchase is canceled or returned, you will not receive Reward points for that purchase. If you have already redeemed those Reward points, your refund will reflect the redemption amount.

Can I receive Reward points for past noubess.com purchases?

No, past purchases are not eligible for earning Reward points.

Can I cancel My Noubess Rewards membership?

Yes, you may cancel your membership by clicking Opt Out in your account.

How do I reactivate My Noubess Rewards account if I've canceled my membership?

You can easily reactivate your My Noubess Rewards account at any time by clicking "Join For Free" on this page or any page throughout noubess.com.

How can I report a problem or make a suggestion?

We're here for you, so please contact our Customer Care team with any questions or concerns. Call us at (800) 376-9456 or email us at contact@gemmasliving.com.

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