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Our parents

About Us!

The Douge sisters believe you can bring the taste of the Caribbean right in the comfort of your home. Gemma started as a food blogger in 2012, sharing her family and the Caribbean inspired recipes with her followers. In 2015, as the demand for fresh and homemade seasonings was increasing, Erika and Sandra decided to join Gemma on her quest to offer products. They decided to create products that would reflect and embrace the appreciation of their Haitian Caribbean heritage, their passion for delicious foods, wholesome ingredients, and innovative ideas.

In 2017, the sisters made their debut into the world of gourmet foods by launching a line of spicy and tasty blends that are used as marinades, dips, spreads, and seasonings.  

The sisters’ upbringing in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, had an inculcate influence on their cooking. Their beloved mother was from the north side (Cap-Haitien) of the island, and their beloved father was from the south side (Jacmel). Both parents met in Port-au-Prince, Haiti (the Capital), and settled to raise their family. At an early age, the sisters were introduced to the north and south ways of cooking, which sparked a culinary interest that would result in a perfect marriage of a myriad of bold and unique Caribbean flavors. Such exposure enticed their interest in cooking which will later drove them onto the road of Gourmet Foods.

To honor their parents and their love of cooking, the sisters decided to combine both parents’ names, and that’s how the name Noubess was created. NouBess is the love story of their parents and their legacy that will continue to imprint in their minds.

Together, they have been able to maintain the highest quality products by producing a gourmet line of hot and spicy blends with the help of a co-packer and working with selective partners to add more products to the Noubess line.

our core values

Our core values embody our culture, spirit, and dedication to doing what’s right. They keep us aligned and committed to offering quality products with the aim to exceed customer expectations.

Noubess Hot and Spicy Gourmet Sauces seek to engage and enlighten home cooks, chefs, and culinary enthusiasts with ways to ideate new healthy recipes brimming with flavor. We do this by using fresh herbs, spices, and chilies to deliver a delectable taste. 

We partner with gourmet specialty stores to bring to our customers quality and affordable infused extra virgin olive oils and flavorful spices. 

We value community support. Our philanthropic work with Toys for the Poor includes serving meals and volunteering at community events.

We educate and help solve common cooking challenges by integrating our products to empower home cooks, foodies, and chefs to prepare delicious meals every time. 

our mission

The mission of Gemma's Living is to provide our customers with a diverse experience with our gourmet products that will inspire them to create their own culinary masterpieces.