How To Use


How to use our Hot & Spicy Sauces

How much to use

1/2 to 1 teaspoon on the conservative side

1 to 2 tablespoons for hot and spicy foods

Use as much as your palate can tolerate


Dip, Spread, & Vinaigrette


Use as a dipping sauce - Add to homemade dipping sauce - Add to store bought dipping sauce - Use as a spread on sandwiches - Add to vinaigrette - Add to salad dressing - Add to BBQ sauce.

Seasoning & Marinade


Add to homemade seasoning - Season poultry, meat and seafood - Use as marinade with other herbs and spices

Cooking & Grilling


Add to cooking grains - Add to pasta sauce - Add to tomato sauce -Add to vegetables and meat stews - Add to soup - Add in breakfast eggs  dishes - Add to chili - Add to bean puree - Season poultry, meat and seafood - Season burgers - Season vegetables and root vegetables

Flavor Enhancer


Restaurant food  - Frozen food