Infused Olive Oils

Blood Orange Extra Virgin Infused Olive Oil


Blood Orange Natural Flavor Extra Virgin Infused Olive Oil

Our Blood Orange Natural Flavor Infused Olive Oil is 100% Extra Virgin and 100% Italian. one of our top-selling oils year in and year out. All of our infused extra virgin olive oils are produced, infused and packaged in our suppliers’ facilities in Italy.

This product is Naturally Flavored with all-natural extracts and spices.

Size: 250ML (8.5 oz) 

Suggested Uses:

  • Marinades
  • Rice dishes
  • Fruits, Salads, and Cakes
  • Toss with pasta salads
  • Grilled meat, seafood, and poultry
  • Whisk into vinaigrettes for stir-fried or steamed vegetables