Hot and Spicy Sauces

Hot and Spicy Mango and Herbs Sauce


Our Hot and Spicy Mango and Herbs Sauce combine the rich sweetness of summer ripened mango and savory herbs and spices with a touch of chili for a hot and spicy finish.  This mango, herbs and spices blend is delightful and makes a delicious cooking sauce or seasoning for chicken, pork, and lamb. 

Our Hot and Spicy Mango and Herbs Sauce also make a fantastic condiment to spoon over burgers, fried fish, tacos, and grilled shrimp. It adds a nice kick to meat, poultry, steamed vegetables, stews, scrambled eggs, and is a great secret ingredient to add to sauces and bean purees.

The exotic flavors of fresh herbs, organic spices, and hot peppers are perfectly balanced and deliver a memorable homemade taste.

Fresh Seasonal Mango

Low Sugar

Preservative Free

Additive Free

No Thickeners

✓ Hot and Spicy

Gift Idea!  Add our Hot and Spicy Mango and Herbs Sauce to a gourmet gift basket geared toward the Caribbean food lover or creative cook.  

Uses: Use as hot sauce, marinade, spread or dipping sauce. Perfect for eggs dishes, poultry, seafood, and meat.

Refrigerate after opening

No MSG, No Artificial Flavors, No Fillers, and No Preservatives

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