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Looking for a different taste for your side dishes

Recipes for side dishes can vary from easy to extremely difficult. No matter what you want to make, vegetables or pasta, a side dish is what makes the entree exceptionally tasty.  As long as you can play with your condiments, even picky eaters will ask for seconds.

Let’s face it – if your main dish, is not so great tasting, a side dish can probably save the taste or make it even better. For example, chicken, eating poultry alone is not satisfying. We need to have delicious casseroles, salads, coleslaw, and even crispy potato wedges.

We’ve been playing a lot in the kitchen, and we wanted to share our many tips and a few of our secrets.

By now you already know about our famous line of Gourmet Condiments. The sauces add a special kick or twist to the way we enjoy our favorite side dishes.

Types of side dishes

A side dish is served as a subsidiary to the main dish. Choosing the right ingredients is not the only key to a perfect and delicious dinner, the right seasoning is essential. Vegetables, for example, taste better when prepared with simple seasoning.

You may have noticed in our vegetable recipes collection that we have added our hot sauces as a seasoning to most of them.

Vegetables, a type of side dish, when cooked in the Hot and Spicy Original with Herbs Sauce is not only delicious but makes cooking effortless.

Common side dishes

Many side dishes are ubiquitous. Spinach, usually cooked in garlic, salt, and pepper, is traditionally served with red meat. Carrots, a versatile side dish, and a favorite during the holidays make an appearance on the table coated with a sweet glaze. Broccoli, another preference for red meat, usually served raw or steamed, is a staple in many kitchens.

Other green leafy vegetables, also make their appearance on the dinner table and even at lunchtime. The perfect or right condiment makes the best meals.

Starchy vegetables such as potatoes are perfect for hungry stomachs. Pan-roasting potatoes in olive oil, hot sauce, salt, and pepper are divine. The potatoes are crispy and delicious to eat.

Grains and pasta, are even better. If you are using oil or butter, it is recommended to cook the hot sauce in the fat before adding your grains or pasta. The taste will be exceptional.

Hot and Spicy Sauces
Hot and Spicy Sauces – by Noubess.com

Best condiment for side dishes

There are several condiments you can use to create a scrumptious meal. When cooking vegetables, one must be careful not to overcook and overseason them. When veggies are over-seasoned, you won’t taste the freshness, and the earthy flavors will disappear.

We suggest using a blend of fresh herbs and spices mixed with our line of Gourmet Condiments and Spices. You can use dried herbs or fresh to mix with the sauce. The hot and spicy sauce will intensify the taste of the herbs and spices and deliver a bountiful of flavors.

The best thing about our condiments and spices is that they are lifesavers in the kitchen. All the flavors are versatile. You are not stuck with our Mango hot and spicy sauce if you want to add it to your bean puree. Use any of our flavors to create delicious and tantalizing dishes.

Originally published on Caribbean Green Living on July 14, 2018

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