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Improve Even the Best Takeout with Hot Sauce

You know about the health benefits of hot sauce, right? If not, you may want to spend some time researching the way that hot sauce can give you a sense of calm and relaxation, help with a long list of potential health issues, and add a whole new depth of flavor to even the most delicious dishes.

Once you know the many benefits of hot sauce, you will probably then want to begin using it at every meal! The good news is that you can. It is great for eggs and many breakfast dishes. It is ideal for livening up sandwiches and salads, it works well with all kinds of meats, and it is even excellent for jazzing up snacks like dips and popcorn.

Improve Even the Best Takeout with Hot Sauce

Its flavor and benefits are why so many people now make a point of traveling with it and even using it to improve airline food, as well as some takeout options. You can also enhance restaurant meals and takeaway dishes by adding a bit of hot sauce to the mix. Of course, there is an art to it.

After all, hot sauce uses chili as a base, and the heat of the condiment can override the natural flavors in your food if misused. The key is to figure out the ways that premium hot sauces can complement the ingredients and improve restaurant meals.

How Hot Sauces Complement and Improve Restaurant Meals

Let’s take a look at how the expert chefs suggest you use hot sauce to improve restaurant meals and dishes. Let’s start with the most classic of all takeout foods – pizza. Though it is an emerging trend, more and more people are using hot sauce directly on their pizza. Hot pepper flakes may be a thing of the past.

Many started opting to do so to give the food a bit of heat and a zing, but with the emergence of artisanal options like Gemma’s hot sauces, you can find some real depth of flavor when you use hot sauce on your favorite pizza.

Improve Even the Best Takeout with Hot Sauce

For example, those who enjoy pies with ham and pineapple can give a real edge to the dish by using a pineapple-infused hot sauce. Adding a bit of classic hot sauce to a bit of olive oil and then drizzling the pie adds a welcome bit of heat.

Of course, one of the leading ways that people have been using hot sauce to improve restaurant meals is at breakfast. Adding a few dashes to basic eggs is a beautiful blend, but as one food writer says that hot sauce is “the best thing ever for any breakfast plate – eggs, all meats, pancakes, waffles, oatmeal, cream of wheat, home fries, hash browns, chicken-fried steak…” and more!

And what about dishes that can run the risk of blandness? One of the most common recipes begging to be improved via hot sauce is macaroni and cheese. A traditional sauce is a way to go, but be sure it has a richness of flavor, including hints of onion and herbs in addition to the zip and zing of chilies and vinegar.

Asian cuisine also screams out for hot sauce, but be sure you improve restaurant meals of this kind with the kind of complementary balances it calls for. For example, bowls of noodle soup are a wonderful choice to liven up with hot sauce, but so too are many Thai dishes and other varieties of Asian cuisine.

Finally, Mexican restaurant dishes may not seem like the ideal options for a dash or more of hot sauce, but if your favorite dish is failing you in the heat department, a small amount is an excellent choice.

How Hot Sauce Complements Fast Food Meal

Stuck at work, working on a project, and unable to go out to your favorite place when you forgot to bring your lunch. Your manager or co-worker offers to go buy lunch. The place she or he goes is new and the food is unappealing and tasteless. It is time to pull out your hot sauce.

These days, takeout foods are either tasteless, full of sodium, or too greasy. Buying tasteless food is ideal when you know you have a jar of hot sauce in your desk drawer or work refrigerator. It is perfectly normal to re-season restaurant foods after purchase.

Instead of slathering it over the dish, though, think of blending it with some of the toppings or condiments. Guacamole, sour cream, and other sauces can be improved with hot sauce and then you can enjoy the authentic flavors in the dishes without overwhelming them with the heat.


Originally published on on November 28, 2017

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