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4 Best Kept Cooking Secrets when using Hot and Spicy Sauces and Seasonings

Hot and spicy sauces and seasonings add tons of flavor to food and are a favorite to use in many cuisines all over the world. The best Cooking Secrets are learned from years of experience and learning from the old generations. Cooking a great meal is a skill. There are a lot of people who love hot and spicy seasonings and sauces. Unfortunately, not as many people know how to cook with them, or they do not know how to maximize their potential when it comes to cooking with seasonings.

Here’s what you need to know about hot and spicy sauces:

  • Cayenne isn’t the only option for heat. While it does add a lot of great flavor to a variety of foods, there is so much more out there to experiment with. Whether it’s something you already have or something new, like a special hot and spicy sauce, you should explore other options for cooking with spicy and hot seasonings. 
  • Hot sauce is a great way to customize individual servings when the whole family doesn’t love spice as much as you do. Popular brands are great, but you should try locally-sourced, fresh hot sauces, and seasonings to get the most flavor and best quality. 
  • Other popular items for adding spice include cracked black pepper, fresh hot peppers, chiles in adobo, red pepper flakes, and dried chiles when you can’t find fresh. Of course, they all have their place, so make sure they fit into your cuisine. When you find hot and spicy seasonings and sauces that contain these ingredients, you’ll know you’re getting something with good heat and flavor. 
  • If you don’t enjoy straight heat, try hot and spicy seasonings and sauces that have a fruit element, like Noubess Hot and Spicy Mango Sauce. The sweetness cuts a lot of the heat and still delivers a delicious flavor with plenty of spice. 
hot sauce
Hot Sauces – Noubess.

Hot and spicy is a unique flavor that requires special attention and care. If you use it well, you will be rewarded with perfectly spicy, balanced heat and tons of flavor every time.

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