How to build the best burger!

June 17, 2018

How to build the best burger!

Summer barbecues just can’t do without a tasty burger! This Summer give your weekend guests the ultimate and the most creative burger bar? Assemble different patties, toppings, and buns on a buffet table, and let them build their burger of choice! Use our condiments and spices to create a memorable taste!

Let’s help you set up the right burger bar.

Buns and Bread

The perfect bun is essential to having the perfect burger. A burger is not only about the beef, your condiments, and toppings. It is about having a bun that will hold all your burger food essentials. Not too soft and not too hard, is preferable. Some people may opt for a different type of bread like a baguette, which is fine. The idea is having a tasty bread and one that holds your ingredients.  

Types of Hamburger Meat

Whatever your cravings, red meat, lean meat, white meat, seafood, or vegetables, the choice is yours. The most important part is having a well-spiced patty. We can help you with that.


Forget about adding salt and pepper only! Add other seasonings. You can make a very tasty burger using our products.

  • Steak seasoning: perfect for red meat, ground beef, and ground lamb
  • Poultry seasoning: perfect for grilled chicken breast, ground chicken patty for burgers, and roasted chicken breast.
  • Fish and Seasoning: perfect for salmon burgers, and grilled fish fillets.
  • Hot and Spicy Original with Herbs Blend: this tasty condiment will enhance the flavors of your spices and patty. Add to your patty seasoning mixture and you have the most delicious burger patty.
  • For your veggie burger, any of our delicious, hot and spicy will deliver lots of appetizing flavors.
  • Any of our condiments, original, mango or pineapple can be used as a spread. Use a small spread the mixture on one side and start building your burger. Mix any of our condiments with your mayonnaise mixture or your burger sauce, you will introduce interesting flavors to your palate.

Making the Burger

There's an art to preparing a burger. Choose the right cheese, the right toppings to give a contact in taste or texture.

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