How important are the right kitchen tools

March 06, 2016

How important are the right kitchen tools

How Important are the Right Kitchen Tools: 

Imagine an artist trying to create a masterpiece without the proper brushes, canvas, or paints? It just wouldn’t be possible. Now use that same analogy in the kitchen as you try to create that perfect feast with tools that are old, don’t work properly, or just aren’t right for the job. It’s amazing just how important the right kitchen tools are to your success in the kitchen.

How important are the right kitchen tools-caribbeangreenliving.comHow important are the right kitchen tools


Knives are one of the most important items in your kitchen as you use them to prepare the food (chopping, dicing, and slicing), plus you need them to eat with. A dull knife is going to tear and shred the item rather than slicing through it clean, and if it’s not the right sized knife, then it’s just not going to be able to get the job done. Too big means you risk hurting yourself and not getting the desired cut on the item, and too small means the job is going to take a whole lot longer and not be as clean looking.

How to choose the proper knife -



If you’re the type that loves baking then you clearly need bakeware that performs. By this it means bakeware that is non-stick, bakes evenly, doesn’t warp or twist while as it heats up, and is reliable. This is an area that spending a bit more money often pays off so you can get high-quality, heavy duty pans and sheets.

bakeware -



Cookware (Pots and Pans)

No matter what kind of cook you are and what your favorite dishes to prepare are, you’re going to need good quality pots and pans. Not only that but you need lids for these items, and the lids need to form a good seal or else that flavor and moisture will escape from the food. Be sure to opt for ones that are heavy-duty but aren’t so heavy that you can work with them and lift them up. Just like with the bakeware, if you don’t go for good-quality items you can run into a variety of issues. Common complaints are uneven cooking, the pots and pans take too long to heat up, they heat up too fast, the food sticks to them, they are hard to clean, and the lids don’t fit tightly.

Stainless steel pots and pans with vegetables


Measuring Spoons and Cups

This is another very important item in the kitchen and gets used on a regular basis. You don’t even have to spend a lot of money on these items, just look for ones that are easy to use, easy to read, and can be cleaned with ease. Some people opt to have a couple of sets of each so they never have to worry about having only one set. 

Measuring Spoons -


Make the Investment

Making the investment in good quality tools in the kitchen will pay off in a big way. Research brands, research what your kitchen needs and purchase quality kitchenware and tools.


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