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What is Djon-Djon

October 02, 2014

What is Djon-Djon

I often get a lot of emails with questions regarding the popular Haitian Mushroom called Djon-Djon. The questions vary from where to purchase it, how it is sold and how to use it. I am not a mushroom expert and therefore cannot give more details about this wonderful mushroom. You may find a lot of more detailed information on cultivation on the Internet.

Djon-Djon is a type of mushroom cultivated in Haiti. Nestle, one of the largest food manufacturer has been producing a type of Maggie Bouillon Spice that is mixed with Djon-Djon powder. I am not sure how the cubes are manufactured, but a Maggie Bouillon Cube may not be that healthy in my opinion. But again, it is being widely used by many and I have not heard any concrete and negative information about it.

Where to buy and how to use

The real mushroom is sold dried in many Haitian and West-Indian markets. Because the mushroom is dried, it needs moisture to revive it. And there are two ways to do so. One is to soak the mushroom for several hours and the other is boiling.

Dried Djon DjonDried Djon Djon


Both methods work very well. Whether are making Rice with Djon-Djonor Chicken with Okra and Djon-Djon, you only use the mushroom water.

Many years ago, while vacationing in Canada, I did find the powdered version. I have not seen it again and nor have my Canadian family have seen it. I am not sure if it was one of those products that made a short appearance on the market.

You may be able to find it online or on Amazon in their Gourmet Herbs and Spices section or category. If you still can’t find it, just befriend a Haitian. :)

Here is the mushroom dried and in Maggie Bouillon Cube.


Djon Djon

Here are a few recipes to get you started:

  1. https://www.noubess.com/black-mushroom-rice-riz-djon-djon/
  2. https://www.noubess.com/black-mushroom-rice-with-shrimp-riz-djon-djon-with-shrimp/
  3. https://www.noubess.com/chicken-with-okra-and-djon-djon/


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