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How to keep your dried spices fresh

May 16, 2019

How to keep your dried spices fresh

Dry spices do not expire, they lose flavor. This is the answer just in case if you ever wondered if you wasted your money. Now that we got this out of the way, let's dive in into how to keep adding flavoring to our favorite dishes.

Every 3 to 4 months I inspect both my pantry and refrigerator for expired foods. I found that this routine is less costly as I have become accustomed to looking for expiration dates on all items I buy. Since Noubess came out, I also found myself asking more questions from our partners so I can better answer the emails received about the products.

Proper storage is necessary

You’ve heard it a million times. Store food properly. This is essential also for your condiments, spices, and oils. Your pantry and kitchen cabinets are ideal for storing spices. For your pantry, you may want to have special shelvings to organize your cooking and baking spices separately. Also, seasoning that you will use in small quantity is better stored near your cooking space, a cabinet or a drawer for example.

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Keep them away from heat

You have probably seen specialty shelving for kitchen wall or carousel where you can store your spices. The carousel usually comes with bottle/jars already filled with spices. If empty, you have the option of adding your own blend of spices. The problem with those is 1) they take up space on your kitchen counter, 2) they are best located near the stove which is bad for them.

Dry spices should not be placed near heat. They should be placed in a cool, dry place like your cabinet or pantry. Humidity will make your spices clump up in the container.

Bright lights also will affect your spices. They can produce heat and humidity which in turn will affect the color and quality of the spices. So keep them in dry, cool places for freshness.

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