​How to sell Noubess to a Skeptic

Posted by Team Noubess on Apr 10th 2021

​How to sell Noubess to a Skeptic

How to sell Noubess to a Skeptic

Noubess is the name of a food product line owned by Gemma’s Living. The products consist of hot and spicy condiments and dried spices. The sauces and spices are sold in our e-commerce website Noubess.com. The condiments are also sold at all Fairway Markets.

The Encyclopedia Britannica defines Skepticism as the attitude of doubting knowledge claims set forth in various areas.

Last November, Noubess made its first presence in Washington DC at the Metro Cooking Show. The show was a success. We were exposed to another “foodie” culture and it was fun. We learned a lot and we were able to expand our presence and add more information to our market research.

A learning experience

I remember filling up the shelves with more products when a man picked up one of the condiment jars and started reading the ingredients. As a seller, when someone looks interested in what you are selling, you apply your customer service skills. After asking if he needed help or if I could answer any of his questions, he vaguely dismissed me. That was weird, I thought.

The man proceeded to read one of the marketing materials we had on the table. I thought he wanted to learn about the products on his own. I suddenly heard “no preservatives my a..!” What! Did I hear right?

I was baffled, and I could feel the heat rising from my toes to my head. How could someone say that about the products? How could someone use profanity with food? Why would someone use profanity in a public setting, a cultural environment? My dear sister saw my baffling facial expression and brought me back to reality. Thank God!!!

Original Hot Sauce
Original Hot Sauce

I have realized again, that when people are not sure of what they are reading, they become defensive. They will act silly. They will make false statements and make uneducated comments.

The truth about Noubess condiments

Noubess hot and spicy condiments are delicious. The sauces can be used to season your poultry, meat and seafood dishes. The sauces also provides a great boost of flavor when added to pasta, soups, sacuces, vegetables or your favorte recipe. In other words the sauces will enhance the flavor or your food.

Have you read what people are saying online about our products?

The condiments are not made from a home kitchen. They are prepared by a professional, experienced and licensed copacker. The ingredients are also purchased by the copacker from local farmers and food ingredients sellers. The copacker will make sure that all the pieces of equipment are up to par with laws and regulations before production. Even proper sanitation guidelines are followed. They do get inspected by the government. I know all this because I visited the facility several times and did my homework.

How to sell Noubess to a Skeptic

Creating marketing materials

It is true when creating marketing materials, you want to amplify your message. You want to sound convincing. That is the game we all play in any industry. We want to sell!

Marketing materials can fall into anyone hands. Therefore lying is not an option. I remember my first visit to the copacker. The owner said to me if you lie about your products on the lables, you are breaking the law. You are setting yourself for failure.

In 2007, the FDA has developed a comprehensive Food Protection Plan to address the changes in food sources, production, and consumption that we face in today’s world. I am certain that you have heard in the news about all the changes that have been implemented and will be implemented in the near future. We basically need to change!

Lying does not get you anywhere. Marketing materials help you relate to your customers, share information and educate the skeptics.

Jars labels
Jars labels

What you can do with Noubess

Our condiments are different it is true. The spices are familiar to many people. Our condiments are beyond expectations. It is true!

egg salad

Egg Salad

Here’s the quickest egg salad you will ever want to make.


  • 2 eggs
  • mayonnaise
  • ⅛ or ¼ teaspoon Noubess Hot and Spicy Pineapple/Original or Mango


  • Boil the eggs, let cool and remove shell.
  • Hardboil and peel the eggs using your favorite method.
  • Roughly chop the hardboiled eggs, then mix with the mayonnaise and your preferred Noubess Hot and Spicy Sauce.
  • Chill the egg salad for a few hours, then serve on crackers or in sandwiches.

This is the simplest and easiest way you can make delicious egg salad in minutes.

Roasted Red Snapper with Bell Peppers Recipe

An inspired Mediterranean fish recipe that is fairly easy to make with an aromatic blend of herbs, Noubess condiments, and spices. It’s healthy, delicious, and ideal for weeknights dinners.

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Roasted Red Snapper with Bell Peppers Recipe

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